1. What is OLOA?
Oliver’s Landing Owners Association is an association of home and lot owners in Oliver’s Landing. All property owners, except in the Woodlands, must belong to the Association. The Woodlands have their own Association.

2. What are the annual dues for OLOA and for the Woodlands?
The annual dues for OLOA are $235 per lot; $420 per home. This pays for lighting, landscaping, newsletter, maintenance of the common areas and sewer system etc. The annual dues for the Woodlands are $165.00 per month, and pays for the members’ irrigation, street lights, and mowing and maintenace of their front yards. Lot owner annual dues are $10 per month. In addition, each Woodland home owner pays OLOA an annual $100.00 social fee and each Woodland property owner pays OLOA an annual $60.00 sewer use fee. More information about the Woodlands can be obtained at  www.nclivingthewoodlands.com or  www.woodlandsofoliverslanding.webs.com.

3. Is there water and sewer in OL?
Water is supplied by the City of Hickory. Most homes are connected to the sewer system, but some older homes are on septic.

4. How much does it cost to connect to the water and sewer system?
Contact the Association for this information.

5. Where can I get information about schools, hospitals, weather, shopping etc?
Contact the Alexander County Chamber of Commerce or the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce  or see other links of this website.

6. What is the relationship between the Golf Course, Oliver’s Landing, the Villas & The Woodlands?
The Ole Still Golf Club, is a semi-private golf course located in the Oliver’s Landing development. Information can be obtained at  http://www.olestillgolf.com.  The Villas are single family smaller homes also located in Oliver’s Landing. The Woodlands is a legally separate adult community located in the Oliver’s Landing Development with it’s own Association.

7. How is landscaping handled?
Each homeowner in OLOA is responsible for his/her own landscaping. Common areas are maintained by OLOA. The Woodlands’ Association provides landscaping, but only in the Members’ front yard.

8. What utilities and newspapers are available?
Duke Power, Piedmont Natural Gas, Charter Communications, Sprint, Alltel, GDS, The Charlotte Observer, The Hickory Daily Record are a few of the utilities, cable, internet, waste collection and newspapers available in the area.

9. Where can I find answers to my other questions?
There are other links on this website which can answer your questions about the Oliver’s Landing and the surrounding area. See the Alexander County Chamber of Commerce or the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce link that offers specific information.

10.  Mediation. Pursuant to N.C.G.S. Section 7A-38.3F, the association
is required to notify its members yearly that members and the association may
request voluntary mediation of any dispute with the association arising under
North Carolina Law, or under the association’s declaration, bylaws, or rules and regulations, other than a dispute relating solely to the failure to pay dues or assessments. Either party can decline to engage in mediation for any reason. The procedure for requesting mediation is set forth in the statute.